Rafiki Nyumbani

Rafiki Nyumbani

Fire|Burglary|Explosions|Riots|Lightning|Armed Robbery

This Policy will cover loss or damage to the insured property that is caused by:

  • Accidental fire.
  • An explosion.
  • Riots, strikes or other malicious damage provided that the Insured does not participate in the event.
  • Lightning.
  • Burglary/ theft that causes visible damage to the Insuredís premises.
  • However, the policy does not cover theft by domestic staff or household members.
  • Political risks or terrorism provided that the insured does not participate in the event.
  • Armed robbery provided it is not committed by a household member or domestic employee of the Insured.


  • The Insured must take all reasonable precautions to ensure the property is safe from loss or damage. If the property is damaged, the Insured must take the necessary steps to ensure that no further damage occurs.
  • This policy does not cover loss of or damage to jewellery, watches, mobile phones or laptop computers.
  • This policy does not cover any loss or damage that is as a result of political events or terrorism.
  • This policy will be effective when full annual premium is received by the insurance company.
  • The Insured cannot store more than 50 litres of flammable liquid (e.g. paraffin, kerosene, petrol, etc.) in the home or compound.