Political Violence

Why Political Violence?

Many would ask why you would need to insure against political violence and terrorism. The reason is simple: Political Violence and Sabotage & Terrorism are standard exclusions in all policies. Thus we offer you this stand-alone cover which is not only unique in Kenya but worldwide. It is flexible and accommodative with no discrimination and has. This policy also has a very wide coverage that extends to the whole of Kenya.

What is Covered?

Acts of Terrorism Sabotage

  •   Riots, Strikes & Civil
  •   Commotion
  •   Civil War
  •   Malicious Damage
  •   Insurrection, Revolution or Rebellion
  •   Mutiny and/ or Coup de Etat


Property Covered (within Kenya) 

  •   Industrial buildings
  •   Commercial buildings
  •   Residential buildings
  •   Loss of revenue (business interruption)
  •   Contents (in premises )
  •   Stock
  •   Plant & machinery
  •   Cash (in premises & in transit)
  •   Goods in transit
  •   Vehicles
  •   Boats


  •   Affordable
  •   Flexible you can cover various properties under one policy (for  example motor vehicles, buildings, etc)
  •   No excess in most sections
  •   Risks accepted from all parts of the country
  •   Fast issuance of policy documents
  •   Simplified proposal form