Chase High Seas

The commercial shipping industry, which transports more than 90 percent of the world's cargo, is complex, volatile and constantly evolving. Chase High Seas will protect the goods carried by sea or by air from losses arising out of theft, collision, or fire to the vessels, including capsizing in the case of sea freight. The effects of war, piracy or of goods being jettisoned (thrown off the vessel to save the vessel) can also be covered.

This is a very important cover for those who import goods either as raw materials or finished products, in the course of their business. Cover is also available for exporters of goods and raw materials, and its effectiveness can be arranged from port of origin to port of destination or from port of origin to warehouse of final destination.


This is a policy that covers property carried by specified vehicles with the stated sum insured being agreed as the maximum value of the load carried on each vehicle.


This is a declaration policy where the sum insured represents an estimate of the aggregate value of the consignments to be dispatched during a chosen period (usually 12 months). The sum insured is reduced by the value of each consignment until it becomes exhausted.


This is a policy covering a single transit.