Chase Enterprise

Business insurance is a risk management tool that enables businesses to transfer the risk of a loss to an insurance company. By paying a relatively small premium to the insurance company, the business can protect itself against the possibility of sustaining a much larger financial loss. All businesses need to insure against risks such as fire, theft, natural disaster, legal liability, automobile accidents, and the death or disability of key employees.Insurance can help a small business be successful by reducing the uncertainties under which it operates.


The premium for this cover is kept to affordable levels. There is also the benefit of smooth claims settlement at the point of contact i.e. where the policy was implemented at Chase Bank.

Comprehensive Cover

 Chase Enterprise is a bundled insurance policy that combines various individual covers into one comprehensive package that suits your needs. These individual clusters include:

 i) Fire & perils/ Burglary

ii) WIBA/ EL

iii) GPA

iv) Public Liability

v) Fidelity Guarantee

vi) Computers, including  laptops


N.B: Clusters (i), (ii) and (vi) are compulsory.