Chase Education

The future of your children is important to you and you want to provide what is best for them. This is why you should invest in their education to ensure that they make it through. Chase Education is an endowment savings plan with limited life insurance (waiver of premium) where the savings premiums are accumulated and invested for clients to generate future school fees. This works in two phases:

Phase 1: Funding - This is the period during which the parent/guardian saves for future school fees expenses. This runs between a minimum period of 5 years to a maximum period of 25 years.

Phase 2: School fees payment - At this point no further savings are made by parent or guardian and the selected school fees amount is paid for the selected period.


  • Allows for different school fees payment options: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual.
  • Acquires cash (surrender) value after two years. No benefit (other than death benefit) is available before the complete contract period of two years.
  • Package is tailor-made for funding higher education.
  • No savings required when school fees payment kicks in.
  • Possible bonuses (over and above the guaranteed fees payment) that can be used as a graduation gift or to fund other education expenses such as living costs and/or travel expenses.
  • Waiver of premium rider ensures that future premiums due will be funded in case the policy owner becomes disabled (due to accident or illness) or in case of death before expiry of the policy term. There are no hidden charges to cater for life insurance that you might not have asked for.
  • Package is flexible and allows parents or guardians to structure the plan in a manner that suits their needs and the dreams of their children.
  • Guarantees school fees payment is made at the right time when it is needed.
  • Tax relief increases the returns made on savings.