Chase Auto Commercial

We understand that your commercial vehicles are vital for your business to continue operating smoothly. It is for this reason that we give you Chase Auto Commercial, the best way to protect your commercial motor vehicles and ensure your business can continue growing.


Besides the more common benefits of most commercial vehicle insurance packages (such as towing charges, repair authority and loss of personal effects or lost/damaged key replacement following an accident or hijack), Chase Auto Commercial also has the following advantages:

  •  A Personal Accident death benefit of upto Kshs. 200,000 for the death of any authorized driver arising from a road accident
  • Free Vehicle Valuation with approved valuers
  • Insurance against riots, strikes & civil commotion
  • Cover for special perils such as earthquakes, floods and storms
  • Free cover limit for windscreen upto Kshs. 30,000
  • Free towing charges upto a limit of Kshs. 30,000
  • Free emergency medical services for vehicle occupants in the event of an accident upto Kshs. 30,000

Annual Premium Rate

Chase Auto Commercial offers you a very competitive annual premium rate with the minimum premium being Kshs.20,000 (plus Statutory Levies and Stamp Duty.)

The policy excess for damage and partial theft is 5% of the vehicle value with a minimum of Kshs.50,000. There is also a clause for no blame no excess. This means that in collision accidents where the insured party is not to blame, no excess will apply subject to Police Abstract report confirming this. However, there must be an identifiable Third Party for this benefit to apply.