Chase Afya

Health insurance does more than offer financial benefits to some of life's most serious physical conditions. It also offers peace of mind for both you and your family. While not all people choose to carry health insurance, those who do are better able to find the type of treatment they need when a serious condition strikes. It is with this in mind that we give you Chase Family Health to protect your family and help you prepare for such unfortunate instances.

Chase Family Health is designed to pay for the costs of in-patient, daycare and out-patient treatment for the family. The cover offers access to credit facilities at all authorised major hospitals and at selected out-patient outlets country wide.

Inpatient Scope

  • Physicians, surgeons & anesthetists fees
  • Nursing care, drugs & dressings
  • Surgical appliances & internal prosthesis
  • Theatre, ICU & HDU charges
  • MRI, CT scans, pathology & diagnostic tests
  • Physiotherapy as part of treatment
  • Daycare surgery under general anesthesia or heavy sedation
  • Home nursing care strictly on doctor’s recommendations (max. 60 days)
  • Lodger fee for accompanying parent or guardian for children below 6 years of age
  • Local emergency road ambulance charges for inpatient admission
  • Treatment abroad in India or South Africa for treatment not available locally through a scheduled flight on reimbursement basis
  • Accidental related dental & optical treatment

Inpatient Sublimits

  • Pre-existing & chronic ailments such as HIV/AIDS & related conditions, cancer treatment and congenital/genetic ailments and other chronic ailments
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Maternity
  • 1st emergency caesarean
  • Non-accidental dental treatment
  • Non-accidental optical treatment

Outpatient Scope

  • Consultation fees (doctors on panel)
  • Specialist fees (strictly on referral by a GP)
  • Prescription drugs, injections & dressings
  • Diagnostic investigations including x-rays, lab tests etc.
  • Physiotherapy prescribed by a GP
  • Treatment by chiropractors & osteopaths on referral by a GP
  • Alternative Medicine on referral by a GP
  • Routine Ante-natal & Post-natal care
  • Routine Immunization (KEPI)

Outpatient Sublimits

  • Pre-existing, chronic & recurrent conditions, genetic /congenital conditions, hiv/aids including costs of ARV's limits per person per year
  • Dental within the outpatient limit