About Us

Chase Assurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chase Bank dealing in Insurance Chase Assurance has been in existence since 2010, where it was formally converted to a wholly owned subsidiary.

Prior to the conversion the company traded as WIS Insurance Agency

Chase Assurance deals with both General Insurance and Life Insurance as well. The company has created good relationships with the underwriters in various categories to ensure there is sound risk management and good pricing Chase Assurance also has experienced staff to support the various products that they sell. We have staff that specialize on specifically Medical and General.

Our relationships with the underwriters ensures that our clients claims are paid on time providing they have submitted the correct documents.


Why Chase Assurance?

  • Being a wholly owned subsidiary and managed by the bank under the Bancassurance department the Service Levels are in tandem with the bank.
  • We are providing Insurance services from all the branches country wide the one stop financial shop
  • All claims will be handled by the Insurance Agency without prolonging the process
  • Benefit from the relationship of Chase Bank and the underwriter in case of claims.
  • Dealing with Top Insurance companies which have undergone a risk management process.